Dan Heskett is a Poker Mindset Coach who has worked with over 100 poker players from all around the world ranging from high stakes cash game professionals to some of the top heads up sit and go and MTT grinders in the world.

When you start working with Dan he will begin by identifying all issues/leaks holding you back from reaching your full potential. Once this is done he will then create a fully personalised coaching plan based on which issues you’ve both agreed need to be addressed.Then by combining state of the art Mindset Coaching techniques with powerful hypnotic suggestion, get to work on dealing with them all one by one.

By working with Dan you will have access to all of the tools, tactics and routines that’s he’s learnt from working with some of the best poker players in the world which they use to maximise their edge at the tables.

About Dan Heskett

Dan Heskett is a fully qualified hypnotherapist and mindset coach from London, England.

Having spent the last decade as a professional online poker player specializing in heads up sit & goes and  playing under the avatar ‘Andrex Puppy’ on Pokerstars, he understands first-hand the range of challenges and barriers to success that playing professional poker brings.

Dan first became interested in hypnotherapy after having hypnotherapy himself many years ago.The impact on his professional and personal life was so dramatic that he decided to change the direction of his career and work with poker players on their mental game. Having extensively researched this area,  Dan studied at and went on to attain a professional qualification from the Royal Berkshire School of Clinical Hypnosis.

His clients have reaped significant benefits from sessions and have enjoyed real and long-lasting results.If you would like a free consultation to see if Dan’s coaching is the right choice for you then please fill out the form on the coaching page and you’ll be contacted to set up a time.


Dan Heskett’s Accomplishments:

  • Has won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing poker for a living
  • Former coach and video maker at Husng.com
  • Fully qualified Mindset Coach/Hypnotherapist
  • Has personally coached some of the top players in the world
  • Clients have won tens of millions at the tables
  • Resident Mindset Coach at Evolve Staking

Why get Mindset Coaching?

Think for a moment of all the mental game issues you have. Now put a monetary value on  how much they cost on you a weekly basis. Anytime you tilt, or you simple don’t play when you know you should, or maybe your using poor game selection or you simply cant fold when your beat. Take that amount that your mental game leaks are costing you per week and multiple it by 50 and that’s how much your mental game is costing you per year. Suddenly weighing it all up Mindset coaching becomes an snap investment!


Check out the Mindset of Poker Podcast where each episode I’ll be dissecting the tips, tricks, attitudes and Mindsets of the some of the worlds best poker minds!

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